This ministry is designed to connect college students to church families during this very important time in their lives. At present, we have a great and faithful group of students that attend Christ Community Church each week. Many of these students are from out of town, out of state, and out of country. We wish to help make a connection between, students, our families and the church through providing this ministry opportunity. 

For the past 5 years, we have provided our students a meal each Sunday afternoon, and many of our students have attended a Sunday afternoon/evening Growth Group. We are now looking for families that can center in on a specific student as well hosting an activity at least once a month for "their" student. Activities might be shared meals, game nights, sports events, or volunteer work. 

Families could also:

• Lead informal conversations

• Provide cookies and encouragement to students cramming for exams

• Model the fun and challenge of family life

• Offer a concerned adult ear to the homesick, the lovelorn, the questioning–even to the students' parents who are leaving their child on campus

• Share knowledge of life in Lake Charles should your student need services such as car repairs, doctors, etc

• Pray for and with student and offer excouragement in student's spiritual journey

• Open up your home for them to do laundry and hang out away from campus

• Invite "your" student to participate in holiday celebrations (for those who cannot go home for holidays.)

College Connect is a one-year commitment that is built to make our students feel at home in Lake Charles. To pour out God's love to them through inviting them to be a part of our lives. Many students are from out of town and we want to lessen their anxiety by making them a part of our families!

If you are a family that would like to volunteer for this ministry, please indicate your interest on your Connection Card any Sunday, send an email to the church (, or call the church office at (337) 478-8228. 

If you are a student who would like to participate, we have forms available for you to fill out at our Welcome Center or download the PDF below and bring it to the Welcome Center or Front Office. Stop by and ask the assistant at the desk and they will help you out! 

College Connect Form - Student

College Connect Website.jpg

Our college students are invited to the home of Tom and Renee Unsworth every Sunday evening to read and discuss different books of the Bible and grow together in their knowledge of the Bible. This group is for college students and/or young adults under the age of 30. This semester, they will be looking at a book called "The Epic of Eden".

A meal will be served at 6:00pm and the study will be from 7:00pm-8:00pm!


Contact for more information and directions

Tom Unsworth • (C) 528-5778
Renee Unsworth •