What are “Growth Groups”?

Our "motto" here at Christ Community Church is "Connect. Grow. Serve." and we chose the Growth Group format for our small groups because we feel this approach works! 

 CONNECT - We want our groups to be a place where relationships are built, friendships are developed, and most importantly lives are transformed. Growth Groups revolve around connecting together, praying for one another and building each other up. That's the purpose of the church and we want each of our groups to encounter the intimacy we're called to have with one another on a small group level. 

GROW - Growth Groups have the word "growth" in the title for a reason. We want to see spiritual growth in the lives of those involved and we want to see relational growth with the group they become involved with. These smaller groups allow for growth to be possible. The groups are changing each semester which means we are hitting different areas of growth that people need. The Growth Group format also allows for us to meet new people because we aren't "stuck" in a small group because it's the only one available. Growth Groups keep us from forming cliques, but rather allows us to fellowship with the people of the church.

SERVE - With Growth Groups, there are two different ways to serve. First, Growth Groups are challenged to do a service project together each semester (more if possible). Jesus didn't just preach the gospel, he lived it out and went into the world and "got dirty". Secondly, Growth Groups allow for new leaders to come in after a semester and other leaders to let go of the reigns. Churches, our church included, are constantly looking for new leadership. We love seeing a leader who is excited and passionate about serving and spreading the gospel! 

What is the structure a Growth Group?

Growth Groups were designed to offer everyone an opportunity to be a part of something smaller than Sunday Morning services. Growth Groups are divided into semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer) and last between 10-13 weeks. Growth Groups go from Bible study small groups to social groups. The leaders of each group design the Growth Group to meet the needs of those that are signed up.

Not only are Growth Groups designed to benefit relationships in the church, but also to get each person involved in the community as well. Growth Group leaders are asked to coordinate a service project(s) in each semester to reach out beyond the walls of the church and work together as a group. 

The reality is that we grow best in our relationship with God when we are in community. Having someone or a group of people to help guide you, encourage you, and love on you when you need it the most is what makes Growth Groups so successful. Yes, sometimes you'll get down to the nitty-gritty, but life change starts with a heart transformation!

How do I register for a Growth Group?

There are three ways to register for a group:

  1. CONNECTIONS CARDS - Write which group you're interested in, from the Growth Group Catalog, in the comments section of your Connection Card located in your worship bulletin every Sunday Morning. 
  2. ONLINE - Click here and select the Growth Group you're interested in. Either Sign-In to a previous account or create a new one once you follow the link. You can also see a catalog of our most recent groups here.
  3. WELCOME CENTER - We have people in the Lobby before and after our Sunday Morning services who are more than happy to help you register for a Growth Group.