Each week there are a number of people who love to be part of the life of Christ Community Church but don’t have a way to get here or back home once they do get here. The van ministry is one way we can reach out to express our love for those who couldn’t otherwise be part of the church family. The van runs on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and for special occasions.  But it never runs alone. It needs caring drivers with the following qualifications: a chauffeur’s license (license fee paid by the church), 25 years of age, and a clean driving record for 3 years.

First Serve Opportunities

  • Joining the team to be a van driver. This could include picking people up and/or dropping people off. The person who picks people doesn't always have to be the person who drops them off. 

  • Contact for Further Information

    Steve Hardesty • (O) 478-8228 • (C) 274-4670 • SteveHardesty@ccclc.info


One of our church’s core values is that “Prayer is at the center of everything. Prayer is both what connects us to God and what applies God’s power.” Thus, prayer is important to the church’s mission.

At present, we have three “organized” prayer ministries. We have one group which simply meets for prayer in the prayer room on Friday Mornings at 6:30AM. We also have some “prayer partners” who pray on their own about the needs of our church family and community. And third, we have  “prayer events” for the entire church at the beginning of Growth Group semesters.

First Serve Opportunities

  • Friday Morning Prayer Group: Simply mark you're interested on your Sunday Connection Card or contact Pastor Rick.

  • Prayer Partner: Let us know that you would like to join the team! We will share requests with you as they come in.

  • Preparation for Church-Wide Events: A “prayer agenda” and the logistics of the event must be planned. During the actual event, we need “prayer warriors” to help lead. Let us know that you would like to be a part of this team.

    Contact for Further Information

    Rick McClain • (O) 478-8228 • RickMcClain@ccclc.info 


Our ministry goal is to organize our church’s compassionate response to people going through difficult times as well as planning receptions. Often we respond in practical ways such as providing meals during an illness and in times of bereavement we assist with a funeral dinner. This team sees that a plant or flowers are sent to the funeral home. Meals are provided for new mothers and on any occasion when they would minister to a family or individual. The Benevolence Ministry also plans for a number of receptions for various other events throughout the year.

Benevolence is a ministry that responds to needs. Thus, the schedule is irregular. The Benevolence Team is a team of people that the ministry leader can call upon to coordinate a good response. Additional team members lightens the load for all and ensures that we will always be able to respond.

First Serve Opportunities

  • Help to prepare meals: Benevolence often responds with meals for members of our church family who are in crisis. Be one of those who helps to prepare meals. Email Beverly Van Dyke below. Let her know what you enjoy doing. When the need arrises, she will call. Since this is a team response, no one person must respond to every need, meaning that there is flexibility to work with your personal schedule and availability.

  • Help to coordinate receptions and special events: The Benevolence Team is sometimes called upon to host special receptions (receptions for persons who have been baptized,“pastors’ appreciation,” etc.). We can use persons who can help in any phase of planning and hosting receptions.These projects are normally single events.

    Contact for Further Information

    Beverly Van Dyke • (H) 626-8100 • vandyke.6@hotmail.com 


Community Cafe is our ministry that feeds people on Wednesday nights when Growth Groups are meeting. The goal of this ministry is to provide an environment for community to be developed between participants, and by taking the pressure of providing a meal, many families are able to participate who might not otherwise be able to do so. We also provide meals for a few special occasions at other times.

This has been a vital ministry in the past that did not function this past semester. We would love to see multiple people/families be a part of this Ministry and provide meals for Wednesday Night Growth Groups. 

First Serve Opportunities

  • Assisting with food preparation and serving on Wednesdays: We are flexible depending upon your availability, interest, and skills. We can use cooks, helpers to the cooks, and persons who can serve the food from 5:30-6:15 PM.

  • Clean-up after the meal: Those who have prepared the meal are often tired by the time the meal is served. We can use persons who can clean the kitchen and take the trash to the dumpster after the meal is over.

  • Sunday morning coffee preparation: Each Sunday, we prepare 8-10 “air pots” of coffee. This ministry can be done anytime before 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings.

    Contact for Further Information

    Sallye Rhodes • (O) 478-8228 • SallyeRhodes@ccclc.info 


Our task is to create a clean, friendly environment at our church campus. This ministry is one that is often “behind the scenes,” and it requires a servant’s heart.

In this area, a majority of the actual tasks are “first serve” opportunities.

First Serve Opportunities

  • Lawn mowing: The lawn is normally mowed on Saturday mornings (flexible with the weather forecast). We have some machines, and we can use those who also can bring their own.

  • Landscaping:You can often work at your own pace and schedule to trim shrubs, trees, and plants and to keep plantings looking great. The lawn is fertilized twice a year, and weeds on the parking lot are sprayed as needed.

  • Remove trash from the grounds: Here’s a ministry for a servant’s heart. The lawn is normally cut on Saturday mornings, and some trash is thrown out on Saturday afternoons and night. We need people who can walk over the front lawn on Sunday morning so that our grounds will look great when people arrive. This often takes 15 minutes or so, but it makes a big difference.

  • Handy men/women: We need persons who can help us in the following areas.

    • Change light bulbs as needed;
    • Assist with minor plumbing as needed;
    • Change air conditioning filters every month;
    • Assistance in keeping coffee shop and pantry organized; and
    • Assistance with cleaning windows and blinds in building as needed. 

  • Use the battery-powered blower to clean off the front entry way on Sunday mornings before 8:30 AM. Pollen and other dust collects. Blowing it off gives our entry a fresh appearance. The blower is located behind the Welcome Center.

    Contact for Further Information

    Steve Hardesty • (O) 478-8228 • SteveHardesty@ccclc.info


The purpose of this ministry is to assist our Secretary in preparing mailings, answering the phone, and to otherwise assist the staff to better serve our congregation. This ministry often takes place during weekday mornings, 9:00AM to 2PM. Days and hours are flexible.

First Serve Opportunities

  • Prepare mailings and publications: Publications and mailings are often prepared on an irregular schedule. This can include such diverse activities as “stuffing bulletins” for the weekend, putting together the church’s annual report, or preparing post card reminders for the mail.

  • Data entry into the church computer database: We maintain a variety of data such as attendance at services and ministries so as to better serve our church body. We need someone with basic computer data entry skills to help us input data every Monday morning.

    Contact for Further Information

    Sallye Rhodes • (O) 478-8228 • SallyeRhodes@ccclc.info