Our worship team helps to lead our congregation in worship each week. Musicians and vocalists all serve with the goal of seeing people connect with God on a regular basis. We have weekly rehearsals as well as a Sunday morning tune-up to make sure everything is all set. This is on the of the most visible ministries in the life of the church and also on that has consistent impact on lives week by week.

First Serve Opportunities

  • Begin by auditioning: While this may sound intimidating it’s really the chance to determine both the level of skill and the level of commitment needed to make sure this is a good fit.

  • Rehearsal Observation: If an audition sounds like too much to tackle right away, it may be good to simply sit in and observe a rehearsal to see how things all come together and get a feel for how the team interacts and gets the job done.

  • Contact for Further Information

    Samuel Tenorio •    Samueltenorio@ccclc.info 


One of the most unheralded, yet absolutely necessary ministries is the tech team. This team is made up of at least 3 team members for each service: sound, visual graphics (projected on the screens), and lighting.

The sound team makes sure that all live sound is mixed for the congregation, the band and vocalists have good monitor mixes and that all recordings are made. People who serve in this ministry have a love for music and an appreciation for a balanced sound, as well as the desire to serve without a lot of credit. Skills involve a “good ear” for sound and the ability to learn to run a soundboard.

All lighting in the sanctuary is controlled by a computer. The lighting operator normally makes “color mixes” to match visuals that will appear on the screen, beginning at about 8 AM on Sundays. Then the lighting operator coordinates changes in color mixes, timing color changes to match changes on the screen, throughout both services.

We use an app called ProPresenter to control what happens visually on the screens. The main screen is the large 16’x9’ screen at the front of the sanctuary. A second feed is projected on the back wall for those on the stage. Finally, a third feed of video of what is happening in the sanctuary is feed throughout the building, especially the lobby, coffee shop, green room, and nurseries. This technician also controls the video camera.

First Serve Opportunities

‣ Begin by Apprenticing: There is a learning curve for all three positions in the booth. Interested persons can jump in immediately to see what this ministry is all about.

Contact for Further Information

Samuel Tenorio • Samueltenorio@ccclc.info