• Christ Community Church (map)
  • 2500 West Prien Lake Road
  • Lake Charles, LA, 70605
  • United States

Slop Fest is such a fun, amazing and wet event! This is our version of "water wars" and we get together here at the church and just get soaked. We will have events such as Soggy Kickball, Slip-N-Slide Bowling, Slippery Duck-Duck-Goose, and a ton of other games! This is a great event to invite your friends to! 

Our Children's Ministry will be meeting in Moss Lake for a fun day and so we've partnered with them to give our Teens something to do as well! So drop the teens off here at the church and take your children down to Moss Lake. For more information about the Moss Lake Kid's day, contact Pastor Steve Hardesty at: stevehardesty@ccclc.info or call the church at 478-8228.

Talk to any of our Teens about Slop Fest and they'll tell you it's a blast and that all Teens should make their way over to the church for Slop Fest!